We enable a fair credit experience for everyone

Our customers can imagine, deliver and run their future, wherever they compete, using the latest technologies, from strategy development to implementation and operationalization.

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We have developed a unified data and AI platform for the digital ecosystem to support our customers to make better decisions and streamline their credit's processes through cutting edge automation technologies.

Digital Human Scoring

We provide credit access to more people helping lenders to use new kinds of data to evaluate customers and borrowers to unlock the power of their data.

Accounts Receivables Automation

We transform payments touchpoints into strategic engagement opportunities and elevate accounts receivables processes while improving customer experience.

a.k.a. Debbie.

Digital Fraud Detection

We prevent frauds and bad users' accesses in real time through machine learning technologies designed for online payment frauds, accounts takeover and more.

Augmented Contact Center

We improve the efficiency and efficacy of contact centers' interactions through automated transcriptions, information extraction, scoring of interactions.

Financial Literacy Application

The IncludiMi initiative aims to create a new credit assessment solution and offer financial education and mentoring to unbanked an under-banked.

a.k.a. IncludiMi
New SaaS solutions' development

We work with our customers to identify their needs and challenges, designing the best solution and operationalizing them on our SaaS Platform.


We have created our Tribe to foster collaboration

We're bringing our experts to you, on your schedule, for a highly focused, interactive discussion about your current initiatives, future goals, and how we can work together to solve your most pressing business challenges.

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We help lenders to transform their business, drive profitable growth, differentiate customer experience and improve operational efficiency in compliance with international laws and regulations.

Credit Processes

We help your organization to understand and improve processes on the short and long term. We guide your business process owners and subject matter experts through business process engineering and reengineering. We support you to design new processes and improve existing ones.

Credit Data & Analytics

Let us revolutionize what your data can do for you with our AI-powered analytics technology. A live stream of data analysis allows you to make more meaningful business decisions, based on up-to-the-minute information, giving you greater control and understanding of your customer base.

Credit Models

The continuing advances in big data, digital, and analytics are creating fresh oppotunities for organizations to improve the credit-decisioning models that underpin their lending processes. New, high-performance models allow lenders to sharpen their ability to approve creditworthy customers.


We have created a vibrant ecosystem with Partners

We believe in the power of strong partnerships.

We are working to establish one of the industry's most powerful networks of digital credit solutions.

We partner with a wide set of organizations and institutions to help push forward the boundaries of what technology can enable for lenders and borrowers.

Become a Partner
  • Commercial Partners

    Add our solutions to your catalogues and let we do the same to generate new leads and growth sales.
  • Industrial Partners

    Work with us to connect our existing solutions to your applications and develop new integrated solutions together.
  • System Integrators

    Help our customers to integrate our solutions becoming a certified system integrator.

FAIRTILE is the new partner for modern businesses

We embrace an open way of working by bringing a diverse set of voices and technologies together. We collaborate closely, ideate freely and swiftly apply breakthrough innovations that drive exponential impact to change how business gets done.

We believe open ecosystems, open technologies, open innovation and open cultures are the key to creating opportunities and the way forward for modern business and for our world.

We want to work together, create together, grow together and rethink what's possible together.

  • Financial Services
    Our specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to the banking and insurance sectors. Our services and industry knowledge allow us to understand each client's unique business needs.
  • Retail & Consumer Services
    Our leaders work with global brands to create winning strategies for the near future in the retail and consumer services sectors. Our mission is to use our proprietary solutions to help you get closer to your consumers.
  • Government & Public Services
    We are committed to improve public outcomes through a focus on people. At Fairtile we think about the complex issues hitting the public sector and develop relevant, timely, and sustainable solutions for our clients.
  • Utilities & Telecommunications
    Utilities and Telecoms are constantly changing with rapid technological advances. We support players in the sector from redesigning processes, managing change and launching new products and services