Leverage our resources to enable a seamless integration

Learn about our software development kits (SDKs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and how they improve both solutions development cycles and the end-user experience (UX).


Our organization has been designed on Lean Enterprise Architecture's principles

Authorized users could access our Enterprise Architecture Hub to have a full view on our organization's framework and retrieve key assets and collaterals.

Customers could access our governance and compliance framework to ensure their business policy and regulatory requirements.

Partners could easily integrate their solutions with our platform accessing our infrastructure and architecture manuals and diagrams.

Investors could use our Enterprise Architecture Hub to increase their understanding of our platform and speed up due diligences.

Access our EAH

Incorporate our Outcomes in your Processes and Systems

Outcomes of our Solutions are returned to our customers using a REST API layer. Data is encoded in the payload of the API and sent to the customers in a Json format, ready to be seamless integrated in their Processes and Systems.

Three different Integration's approaches:


Do It Yourself

Customers implements their own procedures to ingest our Outcomes in their Processes and Systems.

We support our customers to use their existing technologies and visualization tools to add views on the new data received in our Outcomes.


Visualization Widgets

We provide a set of pre-built widget designed to support our customers to visualize the new set of data received in an easy and intuitive way.

All our Visualization Widget are available in an iFrame format for a seamless integration in every frontend.


Fairtile Insight Hub

We offer to our customers a direct access to our Insight Hub, where they could navigate our outcomes and a wide set of other data, for all their processed positions. Our dashboarding solutions are provided as a service on our cloud architecture.


Access all your customers data without any implementation, using our SaaS Insight Hub.

Operational Insights to monitor the entire process and keep under control your daily flows.

Business Insights to analyze every request's outcomes, visualize key insights and navigate all the features used by the profiling and scoring engines.

A dynamic and modular dashboard for the monitoring of all your requests to the Fairtile's services, their statuses and performances.

All the dashboards' visualization could be personalized to support the specific requests of our customers and allow a better view on our services.

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