Improving Contact Centers efficiency and efficacy

We improve the efficiency and efficacy of contact centres' interactions through automated transcriptions, information extraction, profiling, control of compliance protocols and scoring of interactions' outcomes.


Redesign contact center around AI capabilities

To make the most out of customers'calls, companies need to consider personalising each interaction. This increases the likelihood that a customer will take notice of the message and will be pushed to respond positevly.

Deep analytics and insights on speech conversations represent a challenge to even the most sophisticated contact centre. Many different measurements are used to determine and evaluate customer interactions, but nobody of them provide insights about why of them.

AI introduces a new dimension of analysis with a deep understanding of the interaction and a set of insights related to pure human domains. All these analyses are impossible to conduct manually in a cost-effective way, but AI could work out all these tasks thorough a fully automated workflow and in near real time.

By using speech analytics, companies can growth revenues, improve efficiency while sustain compliance and boost customer experience continuously.

  • USD 496 Bn
    Contact Centers Market by 2027
  • 15%+
    Avg. Conversations Abandoned
  • 20%
    Data-driven routing
  • 2%
    Compliance controls
We are working to natively integrate or Augmented Contact Center solution in the top vendor appliance on the market.

We use AI technologies to augment your contact center

Our solutiion employs key elements of artificial intelligence - specifically speech analytics, natural language processing, machine learning – to understand, and in many cases anticipate, the behaviour of each customer's interaction with any kind of agent, IVR or intelligent assistant.

Our services integrate the latest cloud-based technologies, we accomplish design and performance objectives that were not possible in the past and are now possible thought our cloud platform.



Analyse all custmers' emails, classify them and extract strategic insights to address your interactions.


Connect your private and public chats and get immediate information to lead sucessful actions.


Identify customers' topics and conversational patterns to increse your success rate.

Phone Calls

Analyse voice calls and capture valuable insigts such as emotions, personality and more.


We offer a seamless integration in three easy and quick steps

Up to +25%
Success Rate

Up to -20%
Time to Success

Up to +95%
Compliance Controls

Up to -20%
Interactions Costs


A set of outcomes designed in partnership
with top-tier contact centers teams

Automatic TranscriptionOur Transcription and Summarization engines log the context and words spoken in a call to help you identify business problems algorithmically, making it easier to interact and deploy resources in an evidence-based manner.

Calls ClassificationWe use advanced Machine Learning Algorithms to classify conversations and address them to different workflows. Disputes and Claims are two typical examples where conversions need to be identified and addressed to specific workflows.

Psycho-Emotional ProfilingOur psycho-emotional profile is the collection of information about a person's emotional characteristics, personality, behaviour, and interests to gain a better understanding of how a person behaves and then drive better interactions.

Compliance ScoringOur Compliance Score assign to every conversation a risk class representing the probability of the call to not be Compliance. Our Information vector contains key fact and events that complete the analysis of the call an the compliance alerts triggered.

Success ScoringOur Success Score assign to every conversation a probability to successfully achieve the outcome of the conversation. Our Information vector contains key fact and events that could be used to lead the conctat's strategy and improve performances.

Voice MaskingIn many cases for Compliance and Privacy requirements, voices need to be modified, changed and disguised to ensure the speaker could not be recognised. Our anonymized voices keep the same audio quality of the original ones while ensuring compliance.


Enjoy a Seamless Integration using our modular interfaces

  • SDKs
    The SDKs provides an easy access to our Platform and fast development of our customers systems.
  • Clients
    Our white label clients can be integrated into customers app with a minimum impact in term of resources and time.

Real Time Processes

Batch Processes

Channels & Networks

Channels & Networks


Improve your contact center's processes with our outcomes, Now!

Leverage the power of our solution to improve your contact center. Analise, classify, control and score every interaction in near-real-time.

FAIRTILE's Augmented Contact Center is the only solution that unlocks more revenues and savings, connecting thousands of contextual and behavioral data points, from all your custmers' interactions, to build a unique profile of them. We help you to increase your interactions' success rate while serve your customers better with the creation of a world-class hyper-personalized customer experience.

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