Making payments a strategic engagement opportunity

We transform payments touchpoints into strategic engagement opportunities and help our customers to elevate their account receivables processes while improving customer experience.


A new automation's wave to save time and resources.

According to Forbes, rising interest rates will impact businesses around the globe. CFOs are under increasing pressure to improve financial flexibility for the long-term. Implementing the right technology is key and Acoounts Receivables Automation is top of the list.

Accounts receivable (AR) automation software helps companies optimize their customer invoicing and payments processes. Its ensure that customers pay for the goods or services they received.

Our solution is used to streamline the financial transactions between a company and its customers.

Accounts receivable automation simplifies the processing of large volumes of customer invoices, which significantly reduce the time accountants spend collecting payments from customers.

We increase the accuracy and efficiency of invoicing and payments processes, which has a positive impact on the cash flow of he company and its profitability.

  • 65%+
    Payments in arrears
  • 10%+
    Arrears over 30 days
  • 82 Days
    Average outstanding period
Debbie, our Accounts Receivables Automation solution, has been selected by the Bank of Italy's Innovation Hub

Meet Debbie, our AI-Powered Virtual Agent

Debbie is a Virtual Agent powered by world-class Artificial Intelligence technologies that enables a omnichannel interaction and a seamless payment experience.

Many of the solutions on the market are complex packaged overlapping functionalities already available in the legacy system of the company. Our solution is designed to pair our customer's systems without overlapping them and without adding any complexity to the existing processes.

We enable our customers to interact with their clients on more than 15 channels and offer them over 10 payment instruments. Our offer is the only one combining a strategy manager with a virtual agent and a payment gateway in a unique integrated solution.


Hyper Personalization

Individualize the engagement at every interaction leveraging insights on your customers' journey.

Omnichannel Interactions

Connect to your customers on a wide range of channels to meet them on the ones they use everyday.


Improve your communication by interacting with all the customers in their native language.

Seamless Payments

Offer your customers a wide set of payments instruments and a seamless experience.

24/7 Automated Service

Allow your customers to always be able to interact when better for them. No matter dates or times.

Compliance by design

Ensure a full adherence to internal policy and regulatory requirements by design.


We offer a seamless integration in three easy and quick steps

Up to +20%
Contact Success

Up to -15%
Days of Outstanding

Up to +5 bps
Net Promoter Score

Up to +10%
Profits per Position


A set of outcomes designed by
our payments experts

Conversation status
Keep trace of the exact status of all the conversations with your customers across all the communication channels to orchestrate them and ensure always a consistent and optimised experience.

Customer profiling
We analyse every conversation and provide a set of inisghts to improve your customer's profiling on the base of their interactions, the channels they adopt, the choices they do and the payment instruments they use.

Conversation transcription
Trace every single exchange between your customers and our virtual agent to continuosly improve your service with new dialogs and to adapt your interactions and optimise their outcomes.

Payment insights
Our payment gateway module keep trace of every payment and automatically align your systems to ensure an efficient reconciliation process and to save resources and time for accounts receivables management.


Enjoy a Seamless Integration using our modular interfaces

  • SDKs
    The SDKs provides an easy access to our Platform and fast development of our customers systems.
  • Clients
    Our white label clients can be integrated into customers app with a minimum impact in term of resources and time.
  • Hosted Components
    Our Hosted Components are the best way to set up our customers services in few hours. We host the entire solution for them.

Due dates


Early debt

Repaiment plans


Improve your accounts receivables management with our outcomes, Now!

Leverage the power of our solution to improve your payments process. Unleash unlimited multilanguage, omnichannel conversations and seamless payments options.

FAIRTILE's Accounts Receivables Automation is the integrated solution to manage, in a fully digital workflow, all the steps of your payments process. Debbie is configured to interact with your customers across all the phases, from a simple due-date remider, to a dynamic discunt offer, to the early debt collection and even to the management of repaynment plans.

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