A next generation platform on a scalable architecture

By investing in our own proprietary technology solutions and combining them with industry-leading technology platforms, our people can bring more power to our customers.


We make a complex world simple for our clients, so they can focus on running their business.

Our digital strategy brings together transformative and disruptive technology capabilities to create new digital delivery models, enhance client experience and provide valuable insights and analytics.


Transformational technology to
achieve operational excellence.

We provide state of the art technology, consisting of proprietary and leading vendor technology, to provide a truly comprehensive offering to our customers.

Our proprietary end-to-end intelligence and automation platform is highly differentiated, interoperable and easily integrated into any existing technology infrastructure. It's hand-built by practitioners and has the flexibility to combine the 'best-in-class' applications with our own proprietary software to make decisions and automate manual processes in the complex ecosystem of the credit's life cycle.

Our strategy is to focus on scalable architecture, innovation and products to maintain leadership.

  • Proprietary interfaces with Clients, SDK, APIs and Widgets
  • Proprietary Business Data Models and Feature Store
  • Proprietary AI Engines and Business Ontologies
  • Proprietary Human Science and Risk Management Models
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Our Services are the building blocks

Every Solution we build and deliver on our SaaS Platform is based on standard, modular and common building blocks represented by our Intelligence and Automation Services.

All our Intelligence and Automation Services have been developed in partnerships with Universities and Research Centers and designed on specific Credit Domains to ensure the best results.

  • Intelligence
    Our algorithms go beyond the traditional mono-disciplinary approach in understanding financial behaviors. They are genuinely interdisciplinary solutions that combine decision science, psychology, anthropology and sociology in all their different facets.
  • Automation
    Our application of new technologies, governed by business logic and structured inputs, is aimed at automating credit processes. Automation engines are low-cost and easy to implement, requiring no custom software or deep systems integration and allowing to save resources.

A connected landscape to enable financial inclusion

We recognise our clients expect a consistent and efficient service, irrespective of where we serve them.

Our global application portfolio combines industry leading software solutions to ensure local statutory, regulatory and legislative compliance across our services portfolio and to connect with the FAIRTILE's Platform.

Our global process frameworks have been codified and localised into our service orchestration and workflow solution to drive consistent process outcomes and human/bot workflows.

Our intelligent automation portfolio combines Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities to drive service effectiveness and efficiency.

Our roadmap is designed to continuously evolve our digital solutions.


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Our engines are calibrated for multiple countries in Europe, Australia, Americas, Asia and Africa. To learn more about coverage in specific countries, please contact our team!

  • We know exactly what your organization needs right now.
  • We always work together with our customers to improve our solutions.
  • We do not delivery just solutions. We inspire a paradigm shift.
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